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We simply finished dinner within Geneva, where Patek Philippe revealed its latest and finest (seriously, it is a new undertake Patek's most complicated watch ever).  Tonight, within the private salon above Patek's downtown Geneva boutique, i was proven the patek philippe tourbillon replica.  As the technical variations between this Sky Moon and also the original (reference 5002) aren't extensive, they're there, where this latest reference shines is within its situation and dial work.

Let us first cover the technical strengths from the 5002 and also the new 6002 Sky Moon tourbillon replica to determine where they differ.  Both features 13 complications and 2 dials.  Both have a very minute repeater with two cathedral gongs along with a tourbillon around the front dial, both of them indicate standard some time and have a perpetual calendar having a retrograde date along with a moonphase display. The trunk dials set happens for astronomical functions: they reveal the northern sky, sidereal time, and also the angular progression and phases from the moon.

The little lunar disk is yet another fine illustration of champleve?: the circumference from the moon is elaborated in relief and enclosed with blue enamel. The cratered landscape from the moon’s surface is emulated with gradations of white-colored, grey, and black enamel. This represents an enormous effort for any single dial element, however it certainly ranks one of the most poetic complications imaginable. For any watch of the kind of heaven Moon Tourbillon replica, no work load could be considered not reasonable when the problem is to pay for tribute towards the movement that ticks underneath the phenomenal dial."

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